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Since Minecraft was first released on PC in 2011, it has broken all records on charts and reviews ever. It has considered one of the best, most successful, and unique sandbox games of all time.


  • Introduce about Minecraft
    • What is Minecraft?
    • Gameplay
    • Various environmental scenes
    • New day and night cycle system
    • Build, dig everywhere, freely build any building
    • The unique survival simulation feature
    • Rich game modes
    • Graphics and sounds
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  • FAQs about Minecraft
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Introduce about Minecraft

Minecraft – The most successful Indie sandbox game of all time!

What is Minecraft?

Sandbox is also known as an open-world game, where players can freely create whatever they like on a large map. Popular names like Roblox, The Sims, Terraria, or the Grand Theft Auto king are the clearest examples, attracting hundreds of millions of players around the world.

This is an open-world game combining survival elements developed by Mojang, created based on the classic legend of Dwarf Fortress. Minecraft since its release has achieved more than 10 million downloads, nearly 5 million positive reviews from users on Google Play, and attracted more than 140 million gamers globally.

Since then, it has brought Mojang developer a terrible success beyond expectations, becoming the best-selling game on PC, Console, and Mobile in history, selling over 60 million copies from all platforms worldwide.


When playing, you will be transformed into an unknown character in a free sandbox world that allows you to do anything based on your unlimited imagination.

Various environmental scenes

In the game, players will experience different environmental scenes. From the vast desert, flaming volcano, wet swamp, or immense forests and mountains… All of that creates a wild world full of life and vividness.

In addition, in each land, there will be monsters, people (NPCs), and living creatures with unique characteristics that appear only in that particular land. Thereby creating a feeling of extremely high diversity, not inferior to the richness in map density like the blockbuster Grand Theft Auto.

New day and night cycle system

This game has a clear division of time between day and night with a certain cycle equivalent to 20 minutes in real life. This is a very different feature of Minecraft because creatures or monsters have different behaviors that appear in daytime or nighttime timelines.

For example, at night players will encounter zombies, skull monsters, giant black spiders, or buffalo-headed monsters … the number is a lot with the strength and skills are different for each category. It can be said that the more the night, the more monsters appear, and their strength increases, so players need to be fully prepared before exploring during this time in the game.

Build, dig everywhere, freely build any building

Besides, it is impossible not to mention the feature that allows building and digging in the game. Minecraft will provide players with the right tools to dig up square blocks in the game, usually materials with different uses.

Players can dig anywhere and collect anything in the ground from which to build a dream house or any structure you can imagine. If there are enough materials and space, players can completely create a great wonder, a glorious building without any constraints.

This is also the highlight that makes Minecraft different when compared to other sandbox products on the market. It can be said that the freedom, breaking the way in this feature has attracted the love of hundreds of millions of players around the world.

Now they can constantly compete to create their own creative masterpieces and share them with other players.

The unique survival simulation feature

Moreover, the developer also included a survival simulation feature like in real life to create a unique feature of the game, which is quite similar to Don’t Starve.

Players will have to find food to maintain life, you will have to make finished products from living creatures in Minecraft such as cows, chickens, pigs, sheep, or goats. Or else, the player can completely become a farmer by finding seeds to sow, water, and plants to harvest agricultural products.

In addition, players can build farm gardens, ponds, and stables from living creatures to make useful livestock products. For example, using cow skin and sheep skin to make clothes, using pork or chicken meat to make canned food, or even making weapons, armor, or decorations at a later stage.

Rich game modes

To make the game more diverse, developer Mojang has added different game modes including:

Survival Mode

In this mode, your character will have a health bar that will decrease when hungry or attacked by monsters. Therefore, players will need to build shelters to protect from enemies at night as well as create weapons and armor to destroy enemies when necessary.

Players also have to reclaim, craft, gather, and gather resources to build a safe settlement in the long run, attracting villagers to join your community. Furthermore, in survival mode, players can gain experience points and level up like a role-playing game.

Thereby unlocking advanced recipes or more powerful buildings and weapons to deal with powerful enemies in the later levels of the game.

Super-hard Mode

Quite similar to Survival mode, but the difficulty is doubled as monsters evolve stronger and more numerous or resources are scarcer. Comes with the player only having a single life, which means that when the player dies, the entire process of effort will disappear and return to the beginning.

Creative Mode

In Creative Mode, players will be provided with unlimited tools and resources to be able to build Minecraft worlds to their liking. This is a great mode where players are free to create beautiful works of art without having to deal with monsters or difficult bosses.

Multiplayer Mode

With the multiplayer mode, players will be allowed to connect with other players to survive building on a single large map. This mode supports up to 30 players to cooperate or confront each other.

Adventure Mode

Similar to Survival mode, players will use pre-programmed or pre-built maps created by other players.

There is also a Spectator Mode that allows you to be an observer like online products. Mainly Spectator Mode is included to help players have an overview, refer to the entire map in the game.

Graphics and sounds

Built entirely on a 3D background from square blocks quite similar to the shapes in lego, it has created a unique point of its own. From the environmental perspective, materials, and monsters are all staged into separate squares, there are 36 million square blocks that developer Mojang has included, which is very massive.

Sound is also a bright plus point of Minecraft. Each sound effect is depicted combined with rich background music that will surely make players admire it.

FAQs about Minecraft

Download Minecraft APK & MOD free for Android

Minecraft seems to be the template for the success that Microsoft wants to pursue when investing in future games. And until now, even though nearly 10 years have passed, the game is still very much welcomed by gamers around the world and warmly supported in the upcoming regular updates of Microsoft.

Don’t just look at the simple square graphics but skip this game, you will regret skipping one of the best sandbox games of all time. This is a unique open-world game full of freedom that will bring a great experience to players who love creativity in gameplay.